Find out how many employees work at Kaká Diniz and Simone’s mansion

The entrepreneur Kaka Diniz (36), singer’s husband Simone (37), surprised fans by revealing that he has several employees working at his mansion. He talked about it when answering questions from fans about his life and one of the questions was about the number of employees in the family home.

One fan wanted to know: “How many employees work in your home?”. So, he said that there are 10 people, like cleaning women, cooks, gardeners and swimming pool workers. “Here at home it looks like a pension”, he joked when showing the employees’ lunch hours.

It is worth remembering that Kaká and Simone live in a luxurious mansion in a gated community in Greater São Paulo.

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9 years by your side… 9 years of the day that would completely change our lives, turning into unity. Happy is the man who has someone by his side to share his achievements and learnings every day. When I decided to marry you, I was sure it wouldn’t be a simple “yes” like any other, it would be a “yes” that would last the time of our existence here on earth.Thank you for being this amazing woman, who teaches me every day to have a noble and simple heart, full of love to give to people and, above all, a hardworking woman who runs after her dreams. In fact, our dreams have come together and become one“, he stated.

Then he continued: “From our love was born a family, a home filled with the presence of God. From our love, a home was born with life, with joy, full of supernatural energies, do you know why? Because in our home dwells the presence of God. Our love was cut on an unshakable rock. People ask why our relationship is regency? The answer is simple: there are not two, but one unity. Together we are unbeatable. Passing by to tell you that I am forever grateful to you for everything. Thank you, in my simplicity, for being who I always dreamed of having by my side. I love you @simoneses“.

The two are parents Henry (7) and zaya (1).

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