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Published 06/30/2022 09:18 | Updated 06/30/2022 09:37

Have you ever thought about cooking with the Rock in Rio stage? Or walk in it? Go up in an elevator made with the relics of the emblematic Rock festival? or that your refrigerator already been stepped on by Justin Biebertheir cutlery handled by Ivete Sangalocook in a pot stirred by Dua Lipa or hold a handrail touched by Alok?Possibly you won’t even know this source of raw material, but you can be sure, it will be a possibility.

Start of assembly of the Recyclable Stage

The structures of the main stage, the Mundo, begin to be erected this week so that everything is installed at the premiere, on September 2nd. It will have dimensions never seen in previous versions of the Festival, which has taken place, alternately, since 1985. Also, for the first time, it will be entirely built in recyclable steel.

This edition will be of Heavy Metal
Although it is increasingly pop, one of the most popular nights of Rock in Rio is heavy metal, a genre that opens the calendar with Iron Maiden, dream theater and Grave.

What if I say that every day will be Metal and not just September 2? But calm down, not in the programming, but in the base. In this year’s edition, the Rock City may even borrow the title of Volta Redonda, in the South Fluminense, of Cidade do Aço.

The Mundo Stage will consume 200 tons of recyclable steel. That equates to 200 cars! The 30 meters high is the same dimension as a 10-story building. In width, 104 meters, the equivalent of two Olympic swimming pools.
And all this structure heavy will be assembled with raw material supplied by Gerdau, the largest recycler of scrap metal in Latin America. The advantage is infinite reuse, that is, it can be transformed several times into other structures, without losing its properties.

Recyclable Stage
The giant structure will have its scenography completely reused and can be used in houses, buildings, cars, hospitals, objects, among other purposes. This reuse reduces the impact on the environment, saving resources and raw materials and avoiding: global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to reducing energy consumption…

Gerdau’s recycling process involves more than 1 million people from the base of collectors and cooperatives, passing through the industries, reaching the consumer and returning via reverse logistics programs. About 73% of the steel of this Brazilian transnational company is produced from scrap metal. Annually, 11 million tons already used, gain new life in several other products.

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