Find out how to adopt the trendy color of this summer 2023!

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Among the most fashionable shades, pastels come in every possible shade imaginable.

From baby pink to sky blue, through mint green or pale yellow, it has become a trendy color. Whether you are a fan of plain varnish or nail art, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Indeed, there are a large number of pastel manicure ideas to copy to show off this summer.

How to make a pastel manicure?

To achieve a successful pastel manicure, you must follow a few essential steps. First of all, you need to prepare your nails by filing them, pushing back the cuticles and applying a protective base. Next, you must choose your pastel varnish and apply it in two thin, even layers.

However, avoid spilling onto the cuticles. The varnish must be allowed to dry between each coat. Then, finish your manicure with a shiny or matte top coat depending on the desired effect. If you want to create pastel nail art, you can use stickers or stencils.

You can also use brushes or dotting tools to create geometric or floral patterns on your nails. There are many nail polish brands that offer pastel colors in their collections. You can find your happiness at OPI, Essie, Manicurist or Kure Bazaar.

These brands are renowned for the quality of their varnishes, their long-lasting wear and their wide choice of shades. You can also opt for organic or vegan varnishes for your manicure. These are more respectful of your nails and the environment.

Where does the blueberry milk nail trend come from and how to achieve it?

The blueberry milk nails manicure trend was born on TikTok. In fact, the hashtag #blueberrymilknails has more than 10 million views. It was users of the social network who began to share their manicures with milky pastel blue varnish. It’s a bit reminiscent of the color of blueberry milk. The result is a soft, creamy and bright manicure, which contrasts with the bright or dark colors often associated with summer.

But it was celebrities who really popularized this manicure trend. Indeed, stars like Dua Lipa, Zendaya and Sofia Richie have been seen with blueberry milk nails. They wear it on their nails, whether on Instagram, on the red carpet or during a fashion show. These stars showed that this color is both elegant and modern. In addition, it adapts to all styles and all occasions.

To achieve the blueberry milk nails manicure, you have two options. The first is to choose a milky pastel blue nail polish. So opt for the OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer in It’s a Boy! The Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny can also be used. Simply apply two coats of varnish on a transparent base. Then finish with a glossy top coat to seal in the color and give it a smooth, glossy look.

The second option is to create your own shade of milky blue. Mix a pastel blue polish with a semi-transparent white polish. Opt for OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny or Manucurist Green Nail Lacquer in White. You must then apply a layer of blue varnish on a transparent base. Then add a layer of white varnish on top to get the milky effect. Finally, we finish with a shiny top coat to unify everything.

The benefits of the blueberry milk nails manicure

Blueberry milk nails have several benefits that make them an ideal manicure for summer. First of all, it’s an original color that’s a change from classic nude or red. However, it remains discreet and easy to wear. Next, it is a color that highlights the tan. In fact, it goes with all summer outfits, whether colorful or neutral.

Finally, it is a color that suits all nail lengths and shapes. The blueberry milk nails manicure is perfect for those who want to adopt a trendy, chic and refreshing color this summer. So don’t hesitate to try this manicure and share your photos on social networks with the hashtag #blueberrymilknails!

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