Find out the secret to making your gray hair glow with this inexpensive ingredient

this white hair They are an aesthetic problem that can affect both men and women. Many people decide to hide them in their hair using dye. However, some people decide to show off their silver locks in incredible ways.

In this sense, if you decide to show off your white hairyou must take good care of your hair Make it look shiny and healthy. It’s worth mentioning that this type of hair often looks dry and sometimes turns yellow. However, if you want to use natural products for your hair, there is a very cheap ingredient available in every home, sodium bicarbonate.

One tablespoon of sodium can make your gray hair shiny. Source: Pinterest

How to apply baking soda to gray hair?

Exterior white hair It is caused by loss of hair pigmentation, which turns the hair gray or white. This occurs when the hair roots stop producing melanin and new hair grows in areas without pigment.If you want to show off your gray hair, we recommend using homemade solutions to make it look shiny sodium bicarbonate. We recommend that you test on a small area first to avoid any reactions.

We show you how to prepare a hair mask to make your hair look shiny. Before practicing this technique, we recommend washing your hair as it should be apply sodium bicarbonate You should add a teaspoon to your usual amount of conditioner and mix them well.

Don’t overuse baking soda on your hair.
Source: Pinterest

You should then apply this hair mask to your hair, especially the ends.Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse your hair with plenty of water white hair It will be silky, clean and easy to comb.Do not abuse sodium bicarbonate, as it may be an abrasive component of the hair. We even recommend testing on a small area first to see the reaction.

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