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20 Jun 2022

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When it comes to romance, there is nothing better (and more democratic) than songs, after all, they can pack romances or even give us strength for heartbroken moments. Also, a playlist says a lot about a person (tell me what you listen to and I’ll tell you who you are). No wonder Tinder members love showing off their favorite artists in their bios.

Music is the second most popular interest among app members. And, pairing music with the period of possibility that is singleness, we investigated which newly single singers are the most loved in the app right now. This is the ranking of the most cited artists in bios:


  • 4. Shawn Mendes: despite having just broken up with another artist (with whom he shares this ranking), Shawn makes it clear that “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”. The Canadian singer has been gaining more and more mentions among Tinder members.
  • 3. Camila Cabello: The singer appears in the sequel, making it clear that “Never Be the Same” after her viral breakup with Shawn Mendes. This “Señorita” seems to be rocking her body positive speech among the members of Generation Z, because of the natural way she talks about her body.
  • 2. Dua Lipa: looks like Dua’s “New Rules” are making a big impact on the app that connects so many people around the world today. The Tinder members are totally in the “IDGAF” vibe about their exes and are now looking for a “Love Again”.
  • 1. Shakira: the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer may be worried about love, but not music. It is “inevitable”, as she says in another of her songs, that the Latin diva leads this ranking.

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