Find the 10 Lire with the ear printed on the front and you are rich: this is the value

Liras are increasingly desired by numismatists, becoming more and more a popular currency in the world of collecting. Even our grandparents’ wallets or old piggy banks can turn out to be real gold mines. Some specimens of the lira, in fact, are very rare and in great demand, for various reasons.

The lira was certainly a much loved currency by the Italian people during the last century, being almost always more popular than the euro and on average more well-liked.

In this article we will focus on the value of the 10 lire coin, one of the first victims of inflation in the mid-twentieth century. In fact, given the increasingly negligible value of the coin, its use became increasingly rare in everyday life, a bit like what happened with the 1 and 2 cents size of today’s currency, the euro.

The 10 lire with the ear

The 10 Lire with the ear is a very small and very light coin. They were minted using italma, a metal alloy that was designed precisely for the realization of the lire. These 10 Lire weigh 1.5 grams and are less than 25 millimeters large. They were put into circulation for the first time in 1951.

The engraving that distinguishes it and that gives it its name sees two divergent ears of wheat placed near the face value of the coin, a beautiful 10 canonical and superimposed. On the other side of the coin we find the engraving of a plow, another symbol of an Italy still with a purely peasant economy. The inscription Italian Republic surrounds the plow, and at the bottom is the thousandth of the year of minting. Again on this verse we find the monogram of the mint of Rome, the R which is still found today also on our Euros.

The 10 lire are not very rare in themselves, as they were minted for more than 50 years and there are many: some of these, however, can reach very high values. For example, a 10 lire issued between 1951 and 1959 can be worth up to 30 EURwhich may not seem like many but in reality they are a lot if we consider the relative rarity of the coin in question.

The 10 lire of 1991 is instead the most desired of all because it has a minting error (it has inverted axes) which makes the value jump up to 80 euros for a single piece.

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