Find this coin and immediately earn € 100,000: here’s what

The context of coin collecting never ceases to amaze, and even if it may seem strange, it is a very diversified “universe” but above all not always the same, as depending on the trends of the moment, a specimen can be considered more or less interesting. of another. If there are stable factors that define the economic value of a coin, such as rarity, storage conditions and historical value, it all depends on the market demand. It is a bit of everyone’s dream to find an ancient coin that can make us richer, but can a copy make us earn up to € 100,000?

Find this coin and immediately earn € 100,000: here’s what

Undoubtedly yes, even if it must be a very rare specimen and in perfect condition, but not only, as the type of coin is also essential. To aspire to a specimen that has all these characteristics, it is necessary to search among the Italian issues prior to the 20th century. During the Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946) many coins of very different denominations and values ​​were minted but the rarest and most precious is certainly a particular coin developed in a hundred copies in 1901, worth 5 lire.

This coin, known among collectors as 5 lire Eagle of Savoya name that derives from the eagle that has the coat of arms of the House of Savoy in the center of the chest, on the other side there is instead the face of the current sovereign, in this case Vittorio Emanuele III.

The 5 lire in question was made of 835 silver and is also recognizable by the inner edge which is beaded on both sides.

The value is very high, also due to the extremely rare nature of the issue: a 5 lire Aquilla Savoy in very good condition it is worth “at least” 10 thousand euros but the value increases significantly if the conditions are comparable to the new one, to the point that an issue in Brilliant Uncirculated worth up to 110,000 euros.

5 lire 1901

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