Finland wants to restrict the entry of Russian citizens into the country

The government of Finland intends to introduce new restrictions to significantly restrict the entry of Russian citizens into the country. According to information obtained from Yle, the Finnish national television, the number of tourist visas issued to Russian citizens will also be lowered. Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto, traveling to New York, said a draft of the measure has already been prepared and should be ready shortly. Haavisto didn’t give many details, but added that the new restrictions will be very strict.

In these hours, photos and videos of long lines of Russian citizens trying to leave the country are circulating, both at airports and near the land borders with neighboring countries, including Finland. Many men, in particular, are trying to flee to avoid being drafted following the announcement of the “partial mobilization” of some 300,000 reservists to go and fight in Ukraine. The Finnish border guard said on Friday that the number of Russian citizens trying to enter Finland has doubled within a week.

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