Fiorentina, many training surprises: will they still have space?

Fiorentina and Fantasy Football: training surprises with Cremonese, who will be the protagonist?

As mentioned, what surprised above all was the ownership of Benassi and Kouamè.

The first has ousted Dodò and Venuti in the role of right-back: according to the words of Italian, the goal was to involve everyone, trying such an offensive solution in a match where Fiorentina should have dominated the game. Come, more defensive, he sat on the bench, as did Dodò, very offensive but not at the best of his conditions. In the long run, however, the feeling is that the Brazilian becomes the immovable owner, with Venuti being the first substitute and with Benassi relegated to the role of “jolly”to be used in cases of need, even in midfield as a half wing.

The situation could be different for Kouamè: Few had thought of him as an attacking winger, yet Italian often tried him during the retreat and yesterday saw him play a great performance. He could stay in the squad to play for the place with the various Sottil, Ikonè, Gonzalez and Saponara, ready to be very useful even during the race in progress. Between the Conference League, the Italian Cup and the midweek rounds it could become an important card to play, as well as a very intriguing bet even in Fantasy Football.

But yesterday we also saw Martinez Quarta and Zurkowski: the first was on the field only because Igor was knocked out, he did not shine particularly, which is why we expect it to be only the first reserve of the Brazilian and Milenkovic. Zurkowski instead entered with the right attitude on the field: waiting to understand if the exchange with Empoli for Bajrami will materialize, the Pole could be able to carve out important space in the role of mid-winger, competing for the place with Maleh and Duncan.

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