Fire breaks out in Villa Inflamable bus garage

September 16, 2023 – 18:37

Fire brigades are working to extinguish the fire in the area around the petrochemical pole on the outskirts of the Southern Zone.

Fire in Avellaneda: A fire broke out in the Villa Inflatable bus garage.

meanwhile, fire -Natural features- influence the area WhoseBuenos Aires Party Avellaneda Residents were evacuated from the surrounding area due to the accident, and more than 10 emergency services were called into action. Firefighter are from the same municipality, Ranasare people who continue to work in the area.

he fire The incident occurred in the surrounding area at 2pm this Saturday. petrochemical pole of Doc Thad and fair SaladitaIt is located at a nearby bus stop called. flammable villa.smoke could be seen from there Buenos Aires – La Plata Highwayand arrived at the center of town at the same time.

Initial testimony showed that they heard explosionThis is thought to be due to. Parked bus fuel tank Although there was some property damage inside the warehouse, 60 unitsno victims have been reported yet.

Flammable villa: the reason for its name

flammable villa The area began to be established as a settlement a century ago with the arrival of dozens of families who built their homes on areas of farmhouses and land reclaimed from swamps. Doc Thad. The area is estimated to be 77 hectares, petrochemical polehence the name.

There must be about 3,000 families I live in that area. This area is made up of roads and walkways. gap partially provided water, sewer network There is also a power transmission line, but it is unofficial and power supply is not yet authorized. Natural gas.

Dozens of families live in the area for an environmental impact study. flammable villa were relocated based on the following indicators. soil and air pollution. The 2021 survey found that only some areas of the neighborhood have serious soil problems, while others are working with neighbors to address issues such as: It has been revealed that progress has been made on a redevelopment plan to improve living conditions, including for the group. flood, Residue collection, Lagoon and canal cleaning And that improvements to houses and streets;.

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