Fire Emblem: Three Houses

As already happened with Fire Emblem Heroes, Chris Niosi was removed from the role of Byleth’s voice actor in Fire Emblem: Three Houses with Update 1.0.2.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses have obtained in these hours the 1.0.2 update which brings various improvements to the strategic game for Nintendo Switch and as a more evident element it modifies the voice of Byleth.

This matter had been known for a long time and is linked to an issue that caused quite a stir: Byleth of Fire Emblem: Three Houses was initially voiced by Chris Niosi, but for some months Nintendo has decided to replace it completely with a new voice actor.

The official reason for this variation is the breaking of an NDA by Niosi, which would have revealed some details on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the fact of being the voice of Byleth before the release of the game, thus breaking the throne of confidentiality signed with Nintendo.

There are, however, other possible reasons to aggravate the issue: Noise admitted, last July, that he had perpetrated misconduct of various kinds against colleagues, partners, and friends, apparently. The issue had already led to his removal as an interpreter of Byleth in Fire Emblem Heroes and the same action by Nintendo also in Fire Emblem: Three Housesit is a logical consequence. In the previous case, the character’s voice became that of Zach Aguilar and it is likely that the same happened in this case as well.

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