Fire on the Carso, railway and motorway interrupted in Trieste-

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The large-scale fire, similar to the one that two weeks ago had created inconvenience in Monfalcone and in the Julian capital. In Duino, masks are mandatory but do not leave the house

A new fire, it seems large, broke out in the late morning today, in the Duino area, on the Karst, in the area where other and much larger and more dangerous fires had broken out in recent days. Meanwhile, as a precaution, from about 12.30 railway traffic was interrupted in the Monfalcone-Trieste section and the motorway link in both directions, always in the Monfalcone area. The firefighters who are working in an attempt to extinguish the fire have already arrived on the spot flames, not far from the A4 motorway. Today is a black stamp day and there is a crowd of tourists at the Lisert motorway barrier. In the late afternoon the weather predicts heavy thunderstorms over the area.

The column of smoke moved towards the houses of Duino, where the inhabitants, to go out, must wear protective masks, as had already happened in Monfalcone on the occasion of the previous fire. The mayor of the municipality on the outskirts of Trieste signed an ad hoc ordinance. The administration also invited the inhabitants not to leave the house if strictly necessary. Bathers also fleeing from the beaches, hit by smoke and bad smell. The worsening of the situation led Autovie Venete to close the entire section of the A4 Villesse – Sistiana motorway in both directions. A stretch of about 40 kilometers. The operation was also implemented in order not to further clog the ordinary road network in the Monfalconese area where the Lisert traffic flows.

The weather situation on the border between Italy and Slovenia is very variable: a storm broke out a few kilometers from the area of ​​the fire: a young man who was hiking in the mountains tried to take shelter in a hut but was struck by lightning and was taken to the Udine hospital with the helicopter rescue.

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