firefighters collect gifts for soldiers and officers at the border

According to the spokesman for the coordinator of special services, Stanisław Żaryn, on Monday there was the largest attempt to date by force to enter Poland by force.

The provocation planned by the Belarusian services, which led to the storming of a group of several thousand migrants on the Polish border, has been speculated for several days. As a precautionary measure, the government drew additional forces to Kuźnica – hundreds of soldiers, Border Guard and police officers who prevented the migrants from crossing the border zone.

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Collection of cakes and sweets for soldiers

Now local firefighters want to show their gratitude to the officers. Volunteers from the Volunteer Fire Department Kuźnica organize a collection of sweets and cakes for people who guard our border.

– The guards were called by residents of Kuźnica and the surrounding towns, asking how they can help soldiers, Border Guard and police officers. They offered to bake a cake and buy sweets – explained Gilewski. – On the Independence Day, which is also a celebration of soldiers and officers of the Border Guard and the police, we all want to thank them especially for their service at the border – he added.

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