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There are certain things in life. which you cannot experience in real-time, but gives you the thrill and excitement as you get going with the flow. Simulation provides you that kind of adrenaline rush. Imagine being a firefighter in a city-based setting and you fight to put down the major fire that has struck the city. 

This in turn turns out to be a very enthralling experience for the gamers.

You being the player is a part of a larger group that is fighting to put down the fire. This game can be either played in a single-player mode or a multiple player mode. In a single-player mode, you can go for the various tools and methods single-handedly to put down the fire. In case you wish to play the game along with your friends for a fun-filled evening, then you need to go for the multiplayer mode. While you go for that mode, you need to share the strategies and the tool kit along with your friends to put down the massive fire.
What is the game all about? 

You are provided with firefighting equipment. You can choose a team or put down the fire single-handedly. There are different stages to cross. Achievement of the mission forms the core part of the gameplay. 

Certain features of the game make it very interesting and entice a user to download it immediately from the play store. 
Some of the notable features in the game are given below. 
 Unlike the other games which are price at heavy prices, this game is available for free of download. You only need to pay for the purchase and use certain features inside the gaming application alone. 

The more the number of trucks, the more the user gets to play the game. This would in turn lead to an increase in the efficiency of the player in the field as he puts down the fire. 

There is an interesting feature in the gameplay known as XP points which when obtained by the user it helps them to procure more and more trucks. 

Not in every game you get to play the pilot of a helicopter when you spot a major fire in the city and it cannot be put down by a truck alone. Then you can deploy a helicopter for putting down the major fire. However, to reach these levels, you need to use cross the basic stages. 

What are the features of the game? 

Firefighting Simulator PC Game Download

Name Firefighting Simulator
Initial Release Date 17 November 2020
Publisher Astragon
Designer Keisuke Yamakawa
Genres Action game, Simulation
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Developers Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware
Category PC Games > Simulation

How To Download Firefighting Simulator PC Instructions

  • Damage is real 

Firefighting Simulator – Minimum System Requirement

  • Exciting locations 

Firefighting Simulator – Recommended System Requirement

  • Exciting missions 

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