Firefox has a global crash

If you are using Firefox, chances are you will have an unpleasant surprise this morning. What happened?

Firefox has a global crash

So far, not much is known about the causes of the failure. The more that the team responsible for Firefox has not decided on any message. There is no doubt, however, that the failure is global. The voices of dissatisfied users come from many European countries (French and, unfortunately, Polish comments seem to dominate the social media), but also from Asia.

Firefox crash

What are the problems that occur? Firefox stops loading web pages at some point. And that’s what it’s made for. Don’t call operators, don’t attack routers, don’t block antivirus or firewall software. The browser itself is to blame.

Firefox is not working. What to do?

The situation is bad, but not hopeless. Even the greatest supporters of this browser may change to another one for a while. If not, there are already suggestions for fixing the problem temporarily and for continuing to use Firefox.

The first one is HTTP3 only. To do this, enter in the address bar about: configand then use the command network.http.http3.enabled and rearrange true on false. After these steps, you just need to restart your browser and it should work.

The second option is going to Settings. There you will find the Privacy and Security tab, and in it the Data collected by Firefox section, in which you need to uncheck all the boxes. Restart the browser and it will rather help.

Have you encountered problems? Were you lucky that the browser quickly got back on track quite quickly, did you intervene or just wait for Mozilla to do the right thing?

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