Fires in Liguria, Bergamo hinders rescue vehicles with a motorboat: reported

The driver of the motorboat from Bergamo that in recent days in the Alassio (Savona) stretch of water had hindered the canadians engaged in refueling to put out the terrible fire in the Albenganese area, with the risk of a real collision at sea. IVG reports it.

Once the report was heard, the Port Authority immediately set to work to understand and reconstruct the exact dynamics of the incident.According to the first investigative investigations carried out by the Coast Guard, a pleasure boat approached significantly the area of operations, making a series of high-speed evolutions with the consequence of delaying and hindering the delicate action of ditching and in fact risking causing a serious accident at sea.

In order to alert recreational users, the Coast Guard of the Loano-Albenga Maritime District had issued a danger warning regarding the stretch of sea affected by the presence of aircraft engaged in launches and jets of water in the wooded area.

Crimes that range from non-compliance with navigation safety rules to hindering the regularity of a public necessity service could be challenged against the Bergamo citizen, denounced on the loose. Further administrative responsibilities, such as the suspension of the nautical license, are being ascertained.

Central aspect of the investigation, which now seems to have been ascertained, is the full willingness on the part of the driver to whiz with the boat a short distance from the canadair.

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