Fires in Sicily: fire tamed in Borgo Nuovo, flames in Bellolampo

In Sicily fear in Palermo for a big fire that broke out in the hills surrounding the Borgo Nuovo district. Fueled by the strong sirocco wind, the flames licked some houses. Several residents who have left their homes as a precaution. On-site fire brigade teams and civil protection personnel. The flames were then put out.

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“The powerful heat wave of today and the fires that broke out in the afternoon in the Borgo Nuovo neighborhood and in Bellolampo require the utmost caution on the part of citizens in the areas surrounding the fire, avoiding parking outdoors where possible “said the mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, who together with the deputy mayor Carolina Varchi and the councilor Maurizio Carta went in the places affected by the fires and is currently monitoring the situation. In Borgo Nuovo “at the moment the situation is back under control, luckily there are no injuries,” said Lagalla, while “Bellolampo needs reinforcements to be able to put out the flames. I called the prefect to ask for the intervention of another canadair “.

The scorching temperatures, with the mercury column that exceeded 40 degrees, and the strong sirocco wind fuel the fires in the Palermo area. Dozens of speeches this morning. Ground crews of firefighters and 5 Canadair are hard at work extinguishing the flames affecting the municipalities of Carini, Torretta, Bolognetta, Partinico, Monreale, Belmonte Mezzagno, San Giuseppe Jato. Some teams from Enna and Agrigento also participate in the extinguishing operations.

The A19 ‘Palermo-Catania’ motorway is closed to traffic, in both directions, between the Trabia and Termini Imerese junctions, due to the presence of a fire at the edge of the motorway. Anas staff is present on site to manage the road network and to restore traffic in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, traffic along the A19dir motorway between via Giafar and Villabate has been released in both directions. The stop to the cars was caused by a fire that licked the road. Queues remain.

The Regional Civil Protection has published the bulletin for the risk of fires and heat waves, valid from midnight and for the following 24 hours. For tomorrow in Palermo a significant decrease in the risk of heat waves is expected, which drops to level 1 (yellow color), with a maximum perceived temperature of 35 degrees. Trend still down for the day after tomorrow, August 20, when the maximum perceived temperature should be around 33 degrees (level 0).

As regards the risk of fires, for the day tomorrow in the province of Palermo the expected danger is ‘medium’ (level of ‘early warning’, orange color).

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