Firestarter film review Keith Thomas Zac Efron Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Firestarter review film of Keith Thomas with Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon, Michael Greyeyes, Kurtwood Smith And Gloria Reuben

Firestarter arrived at the cinema definitely on tiptoe, noticing little compared to the expectations that fans of the genre could have cultivated with regard to the new film adaptation. The story is taken from the pen of Stephen King (1980), remake of 1984 directed at the time by the American director Mark L. Lester with a small one in the center of the cast Drew Barrymoretogether with the well-known face of Martin Sheen, David Keith And George C. Scott.

The current transposition is directed by the director of The Vigil, Keith Thomasand produced by Universal Pictures. In the cast we find Zac Efron in the role of the father Andy And Sydney Lemmonthe young mother Vicky. The small one Charlie is interpreted by Ryan Kiera Armstrongclass 2010, formerly known in Black Widowthe cult series American Horror Story, The war of tomorrow, IT – Chapter 2 And The Glorias.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong is Charlie in Firestarter
Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Charlie in Firestarter (Credits: Universal Pictures)
Sydney Lemmon and Zac Efron
Vicky (Sydney Lemmon) and Andy (Zac Efron) in Firestarter (Credits: Universal Pictures)

The story directed by Keith Thomas it could be summarily chewed for the audience in the great hall. Divided between the horror and thriller genres, it seems written for purely commercial purposes, intended for a mainly adolescent audience. Luckily, he humbly breaks down these prejudices scene after scene, with small twists especially at the end, while remaining an entertainment product without great ambitions.

Charlie remembers a young woman Eleven but she also resembles the protagonist of Carrie – Satan’s gazeanother novel by Stephen King transposed to the big screen by Brian De Palma (1976) and Kimberly Peirce (2013). Raised in a potentially repressed climate, she is unsociable, grumpy and taciturn with her peers. Everyone thinks her weird and crazy. This only fuels her anger.
For the young protagonist of this sci-fi thriller, the consequence is a kind of inner energy that she has not yet fully learned to manage, although her father has taught her to “defuse the bomb”.

An anger suddenly flares up, corroding whatever stands in its way. Charlie in fact, he risks killing his own parents. A bad accident and dad’s words Andy (Zac Efron) will lead her to develop a new awareness and to know how to manage the enormous power. For this to be possible she must pass an initiation rite in the woods as in the best fairy tales that she respects.

Zac Efron and Sydney Lemmon
Zac Efron and Sydney Lemmon (Credits: Universal Pictures)
Ryan Kiera Armstrong is Charlie in Firestarter
Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Charlie in Firestarter, directed by Keith Thomas (Credits: Universal Pictures)

With Firestarter Keith Thomas directs a well-paced thriller that does not lack twists steeped in nostalgia for the 80s films of the genre, with good directing techniques and essential special effects. Accomplices of this melancholy vein are above all the melodies signed by John Carpenter (Halloween, Christine, The Fog) and the composers of the franchise Halloween Cody Carpenter And Daniel Davies.

Zac Efron he quits the role of the young American fit, albeit with difficulty, to wear more clothes dark assuming a peculiar likelihood with respect to the tones of the novel. The real flagship is instead the interpretation of the little girl Armstrong and the secondary character, the secret agent played by Michael Greyeyesperhaps the most interesting in the script edited by Scott Teems. Not very successful are the villain, almost absent, weak and unlikely. It is a mysterious federal agency, which would like to exploit the little girl’s gift Charlie, will he succeed? The answer is almost obvious.

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