First comments of Ekrem Imamoglu about YI Party’s Suat Sari, who announced his candidacy for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality – Last Minute Turkish News

Will there be a coalition between CHP and İYİ Party in the local elections? While this question was on the agenda about 4 months before the elections, new news came.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council İYİ party group spokesperson Suat Sari announced his candidacy.

Imamoglu: I wish you all the best, that’s all I need to say

The first comments about Sari’s possible candidacy came from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu.

Speaking to journalists after seeing the work on the metrobus road in Beylikdüzü, İmamoğlu said, “Good luck. “Being a candidate is valuable and important.” Said.

“Suat Sari is a valuable friend of ours who makes valuable comments about transportation from time to time based on past experiences.” “I wish him success in his decision,” Imamoglu said. “All I can say is, it suits me.” He said.

“Social Coalition” message

Imamoglu also gave the message of social alliance in his statement.

“The issue of coalition is not a decision of any one person, but a process involving parties,” Imamoglu said. “We told that we are the most vocal about the social coalition. “We are committed to building the social coalition in the strongest possible way.” He said.

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