First glimpse of Tim Drake from the series with Robin’s look revealed

Actor Jay Lycurgo may have accidentally revealed the look of his Robin Tim Draka in the Titans series.

Actor Jay Lycurgo’s first glimpse of the Robin Tim Drake look in the Titans series may have been accidentally revealed. During a live on his Instagram this Wednesday (17), Lycurgo appeared with a greenish mask under his sunglasses.

Although the video of the broadcast is no longer available on the actor’s social network, fans managed to take a screenshot of Jay Lycurgo with that Robin mask; check out:

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Lycurgo joined the cast of Titans in the show’s third season, which debuted last year on HBO Max, playing the young Tim Drake. While his character was expected to become the show’s third Robin, just like in the comics, Drake is still not the Boy Wonder.

The fourth season of Titans, which is currently filming, is slated to premiere in late 2022, possibly in October.

In Brazil, the series is available on the streaming service of Netflix.

Smallville and Titans Actor Could Be The New Superman Of Movies

A new rumor may have revealed who will be the new Superman of theaters. And the next Man of Steel interpreter would be an old acquaintance of the dcnauts.

According to the CriticSight channel, the new Superman of the big screen will be lived by Alan Ritchsonfrom the Smallville and Titans series.

The channel said it doesn’t know if Ritchson’s Superman will be from the DCEU or Batman’s universe. Robert Pattinsonbut stated that the Warner Bros Discovery is interested in the actor to be the new Superman in live-action theaters.

The 39-year-old actor is currently on the rise for starring in the series Reacher, from Prime Videowhich became a great success.

Superman would be the third super hero from Alan Ritchson, who has already played Aquaman in Smallville and Hawk in Titans.

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