FIRST photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s kiss. They couldn’t stand the artist’s sister’s birthday party

A few months ago, the media heard the news about the separation of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez, with whom the singer was associated for several years. Voices that they are no longer together were heard repeatedly, until the couple finally issued an official statement. Soon after, it turned out that J.Lo did not despair after the break-up, because she found happiness again with her ex-partner, Ben Affleck. It seems they are no longer hiding their love. Beautiful couple!

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck forgot about the world and … the kiss went on and on. Bennifer is back

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck 17 years ago were one of the hotter couples in show business. But even so, great love ended one day. Years later, however, we can see that the saying “old love does not rust” has a lot to do with the truth. At least in the case of Lopez and Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are kissing in a restaurantJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are kissing in a restaurant EastNews

Ever since there were rumors that the singer and actor had broken up, the media and paparazzi did not leave them alone. There are many photos on the web that confirm that Jennifer and Ben are really back together. Suddenly there are photos, after which no one has to wonder what the truth is! The couple were caught in a restaurant where they did not spare themselves tender gestures and passionate kisses. Everything happened at the birthday party of the singer’s sister.

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The news of the return of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck warmed many people who do not hide their excitement and cheer the singer and actor. Are you also crazy about these two?

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