First saint of the Americas – Alianza de Misericordia

Santa Rosa de Lima is known as the first saint in the Americas. Her pious life, her unwavering devotion to God, and her example of love for her neighbor have inspired many followers around the world.

Born in Lima, Peru on April 20, 1586. She was called Rosa by her nurse, an indigenous woman named Mariana, although her name was Isabel. This name reflects her matchless beauty.

From an early age, he showed a deep spiritual connection and extraordinary devotion to Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Later, when he entered the Third Dominican Order at the age of 23, her name was officially changed to Rosa de Santa Maria, reflecting her deep love for the Virgin Mary. .

Santa Rosa devoted her life to prayer and repentance, living a life of frugality and charity in the name of God.

The story of Santa Rosa de Lima is also a story of overcoming adversity. She experienced poverty firsthand when her family’s fortunes tipped. Rosa worked tirelessly as a maid, gardener, and embroiderer, not only did she feed herself, but she brought the word of Christ into her home with her visits. During this difficult time, with her compassion, she created homes for the poor in her home and helped abandoned children and the elderly.

Due to her religious mission, Santa Rosa began to withdraw into a small cell in the garden of her home. There she devoted most of her day to prayer and communion with God. One day, while she was praying with the baby Jesus in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary, she heard the voice of a child asking her to give all her love to God. From that moment on, Jesus became her exclusive love, nourished by her virginity. prayer and repentance.

She chose to live in seclusion in her garden, where she tended flowers and the sick, and at the age of twenty she was consecrated to God as a virgin. He saw in each patient the beautiful flowers of Our Lady’s garden and devoted himself to the care of his patients with all his charity.

The fame of Santa Rosa’s sanctity spread quickly, attracting many followers to seek her guidance and intercession. Many have witnessed miracles through prayer and unexplained healings while still alive. Moreover, his simple and frugal life attracted countless people to seek spiritual advice and material help.

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Heritage of Santa Rosa de Lima

Santa Rosa de Lima’s legacy spans centuries and its influence continues to this day. She became the patroness of Peru, the Philippines and the West Indies. In addition, she is known as a protector of her gardeners and those suffering from physical and mental illness.

A prominent example of the saint’s intercession was his protection of Lima from Dutch pirates in 1615.

Her canonization by Pope Clement X in 1671 was a formal recognition of her sanctity, and devotion to Santa Rosa has only grown since then.

A Catholic saint who dedicated his life to prayer, repentance and philanthropy, Santa Rosa de Lima stands as a beacon of faith and hope for all who seek a deeper connection with God.

May your life always remind us of the transformative power of faith and the importance of serving others with generosity and compassion.

Prayer to Saint Rose of Lima:

“Santa Rosa de Lima, little rose of Peru, you who from the tenderest childhood truly knew how to love Jesus with a generous heart, despising the vanity of this world and accepting the cross of Jesus.

You who, in the midst of tribulation, were given the grace given by our Lord and understood that it was the true ladder to Heaven.

Love us like you, Jesus and Mary, and the Holy Cross, and extend this great love to the poorest, to those who need our mercy and comfort, and to them as if it were Jesus Himself. please serve

Intercede for our poor souls, that by the grace of God we may gladly bear our cross.

Teach us to imitate your virtues. Then we may follow your example and enjoy your loving protection with the Blessed Virgin Mary on all our journeys to heaven, giving glory to God for many centuries in heaven. Amen. “

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