FitMi Events gym entrance offer in Milan

Getting fit has never been easier! If the return from vacation and the frenetic pace of the city put a strain on our physique, there is nothing better than returning (or starting) to train in a gym that can make a difference.

Discover the FitMi offer now!

The FitMi gym

The FitMi gym, very spacious of about 3000 square meters and bright, was born in 2017 and housed in the complex of the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia.

In addition to the huge room with tools, it offers many activities. Among the many, suitable for every type of request and preference, we point out «Body Balance»: a workout suitable for everyone that mixes elements of yoga, tai chi and pilates. The course is part of the wide range of FitMi proposals, which can be discovered by subscribing to one of the open subscriptions, which allow you to freely use the gym.

Types of registration

Subscriptions do not include the registration fee which must be purchased separately.

Once you have chosen the subscription you want to buy, you can select one of the three types of subscription:

FULL – including scholarship, medical examination, 5 admissions for one of your guests and 1st meeting with a Personal Trainer

MEDIA – including scholarship and 1st meeting with Personal Trainer

BASE – including bag


Season tickets and entrance tickets include free access to all club services and activities + water and towel available at each entrance.

Subscriptions they do not include the registration fee which must be purchased separately by selecting the desired one.

How does it work

1) Purchase the Offer

2) Receive the Voucher immediately via email

3) Present the Voucher to the secretariat in paper format or via smartphone, convert it into a subscription and start training

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