Fitness model Roberryc throws herself into the crowd at the Cafè del Mar and is groped: “You suck”

In hindsight he admits that he did not do something “very clever”, but having decided to throw himself into the crowd does not justify the fact that, with the excuse of grabbing her, many took the opportunity to groped her insistently both on the butt than on the breast.

Roberta Carluccio, a fitness model known as Roberryc, guest of the night at the disco who, at a certain point, decided to throw herself from the stage into the crowd, finding herself, instead of hands ready and supporting her, hands that slipped everywhere. The girl then entrusted her outburst of her to Instagram where she posted the video and without wanting to do any kind of “victimization”, she underlines, she still wanted to denounce a behavior that, beyond everything, finds no justification . It is a question of respect.

“Too bad that such a beautiful moment was ruined by some fool – writes the girl -. Now all of Italy can watch you suck ”. “I don’t know if what happened is more serious or the fact that maybe I should have expected it – she points out-. Having said that I have not published this thing to do infinite media victimization but I feel obliged to show the other side of the coin, I feel I have to protect other creators and women in general. Apparently we are not given the privilege of behaving the way we want. Having said that, I wanted to thank the staff of the club for helping me and the other people who came to the event to support me and give me their affection, I love you “The girl, as mentioned, in some stories explained that for her part the the gesture was perhaps “not very clever”, but this, he emphasizes, does not justify what happened: “I was having fun, I wanted to do this thing here – he concludes – Even if, in my opinion, certain things should not be done regardless”.

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