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‘How I met your mother’ was among the American TV series more followed and celebrated than ever. There are many spectators who in the world are passionate about the story of Marshall, Lily, Barney, Robin and the undisputed protagonist Tedintent on telling – over the course of nine seasons – to his children how he had met theirs mother. From the television production, which first aired on the CBSone was also recently drawn spin off by title ‘How I met your father‘broadcast in the United States on Hulu and which in Italy will be broadcast on Disney + starting from 11 May. Waiting to know what will happen in this new series, which while presenting new characters maintains several links with the original story (starting with the style of the narrative), here 5 curiosities on HIMYM.

1. All the scenes of Ted’s children were filmed in the first season

The main leitmotif of the sit-com is the story that Ted tells his children, in which he tries to explain to them all the events that led him to meet his wife namely their mother. The scenes with the two boys are set in 2030, in a future time with respect to the events of the series. The sequences involving the two actors who play Ted’s children were all filmed during the filming of the first season. In fact, Ted’s story takes place theoretically over a period of one only evening and it was necessary that the boys always looked the same age.

2. Absolute confidentiality on the mother’s face

THE HIMYM manufacturers they wanted to keep absolute secrecy about the character of the mother, who remained hidden until the last episode of the eighth season. The fear that there might be spoiler it was a great deal, so much so that the same actress who lends her face to personagewas unaware of the role he was about to get until the day of audition. The interpreter – after being hired – also signed an agreement with confidentiality in which he undertook not to divulge any kind of information about his personage until the airing of the last episode of the eighth season.

3. The royal husbands, used as secondary characters

In several episodes of the series appear Scooter – Lily’s high school boyfriend – e Sandy Riversa rather slimy reporter who courts repeatedly Robin (Cobie Smulders). The actors who lend their faces to these secondary characters are not gods unknown for some main cast members: Scooter is indeed played by David Burtkathe husband of Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) while Sandy Rivers is played by Alexis Denisofrelated to Alyson Hannigan (Lily) known on the set of ‘Buffy‘. In the Vampire Slayer series, he was the observer Wesley, she was the witch Willow.

4. The autobiographical features of the authors

THE creators of ‘How I met your mother’ are Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and the series was born, as they stated, from the idea of tell the adventures of their historic group of friends during their youth in New York. The protagonists therefore have traits autobiographical: Ted looks a lot like Bays, while Craig Thomas and his wife inspired her historical couple composed of Marshall and Lily. Even the iconic theme song accompanying the initial titles has a connection with the inventors of HIMYM: it is in fact the song ‘Hey Beautiful’ by The Solids group in which they play just Bays and Thomas.

5. The pineapple puzzle has been solved

In the tenth episode of the first season Ted he wakes up in hangover and does not remember anything from the previous night. She ends up with one naked girl in his bed but doesn’t know who it is, he discovers he has a broken ankle and notices a pineapple resting on the bedside table. During the episode all the ‘mysteries’ are solved except the one concerning the fruit. The solution to the riddle, which has become a catchphrase for fans of the series, has only been revealed many years later but it is in a cut scene and present only in the DVD collectible from HIMYM. In the ninth season, Ted discovers that placing a pineapple outside the porch of his home indicates hospitalityhas a flashback and sees himself – many years ago – stealing the fruit from the front porch of a house (which turns out to be that of the Captain, a recurring character in HIMYM).

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