Five things that cause memory loss, according to science

The gigantic amount of visual stimuliauditory and sensory to which we are subjected more and more brings the our brain to fill up with informationmore or less useful, which in the long run can send it into overload causing brain stress which can lead to cognitive declinedementia and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’sbetween 5 main causes so we stop or have difficulty recalling events and faces to the mind.

There memory loss today it is no longer considered an inevitable part of aging: “The very first mild cognitive changes – which were once thought to be normal aging – are actually the first signs of progressive dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease,” says Robert S. Wilson, PhD, a neuropsychologist at Rush University Medical Center. “There Alzheimer’s related brain pathology e other dementias have a much greater impact on memory function in old age than we have previously recognized ”.

But what else causes memory loss? The head injuries they can cause amnesia, sometimes permanent, depending on the severity of the injury. Research shows they can also increase the risk of dementia later in life.

Another cause is to be recognized in the existence of a traumatic event which deeply marked us: “People who suffer a devastating event such as a car accident, a natural disaster or a terrorist attack they often cannot remember the incident“, Says Fabiana Franco, PhD. “It is also common not to remember what happened immediately before or immediately after the accident. Likewise, many adults who have experienced child abuse find it difficult to remember large periods of time from childhood ”.

Also brain tumors negatively affect our ability to remember: “Cognitive dysfunction is a frequent complication in long-term survivors of brain tumors and can be related to both the brain tumor and its treatment, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy,” says Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center.

Perhaps, however, you don’t know that alcohol is also among the causes of amnesia: A recent study shows that there is no “safe” level of drinking, especially when it comes to brain health. Even at low levels there is evidence that alcohol consumption plays a more important role in brain damage than previously thought.

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