five times the ace took a wave in challenges

Neymar is one of the geniuses of world football today. But it’s not just within the four lines that the striker of the Brazilian team puts on a show. Whenever he’s called up for a challenge, whether it’s a soccer ball, toilet paper or basketball, he shows why he’s a star.

In the last few days, the Brazilian striker took the social media by storm when he hit a basketball hoop with a long-range kick (see below).

He achieved the feat in a challenge with the British Andrew Henderson, five times world champion of freestyle football, and impressed those who followed the recording.

Next, remember five times when Neymar was invited to challenges outside of football and performed magic with the ball and other similarly shaped objects.

‘3’ basket with long shot

Bingo! The term used by Everaldo Marques, narrator of Grupo Globo, when a player makes a 3-point basket in basketball could easily be used in Neymar’s challenge with Andrew Henderson freestyle. The ace hit the ball and did magic.

Embassy with orange, sock and toilet paper

In another challenge with freestyles, promoting PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2016, the Brazilian was tested. Neymar would put his hand inside a bag and, without looking, would choose an object to do the little tricks. He passed with flying colors on the highs with orange, sock and toilet paper.

Taller: Neymar takes a wave with a tennis ball

For those who use a roll of toilet paper, a tennis ball is easy, right? At least for Neymar, it is. In action alongside his teammates, the national team star also had no trouble keeping the neighboring sport’s ball in the air.

Bike on futmesa

Futmesa, by itself, is already a plastic game and requires skill from the participants. But Neymar went further: the number 10 of the selection simply turned a bicycle, and with his left foot, in an individual duel against Natalia Guitler, a professional footvolley player. The bid didn’t work out by very little, but it stirred up the friends and ended a competition that was complicated for the PSG ace – the opponent was ahead on the scoreboard.

Goal from the terrace from one building to another

Look at the beat! While defending Barcelona, ​​Neymar participated in an American talk show and was challenged to score a goal from the terrace of a building to another building in the United States. He struggled because of the distance, but in the end he managed (with a little help from the goalkeeper, let’s face it).

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