Flashback between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?

When they separated in 2018 after two and a half years of marriage, Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux they didn’t make a tragedy of it. She had already lived in a way too long already dramatic (and media) the divorce from Brad Pitt that he had left her for Angelina Jolieand had developed solid armor to deal with the pain of breakages. He, equally mature, had told a Esquire that, “like it or not”, they were “Left by friends”: «We can’t be together but we love each otherand even if we don’t talk every day we write to each other, sometimes we call each other. We are always in touch“.

A bond, theirs, which has never been broken and that now it could be tied more tightly. At least according to what the photos sent to the Daily Mail by a fan who immortalized Rachel’s Friends and her ex-husband at dinner with New York.

It should be noted that this time it was not a tête-à-tête: with them there were also other people, including colleagues Jason Bateman And Jon Hamm (the Don Draper of Mad Men), which he is shooting with Jennifer Aniston Morning Show. But it seems that in recent months, according to the well-informed, dinners and meetings for two are increasing.

After all, at the moment both turn out to be singleindeed the same actress who, after the last divorce declared that she wanted to “enjoy solitude”, a few months ago she said ready to get back on track and hang out with someone again: «I’ve always been in couple, since I was 20, it was nice and useful to take some time for meHe declared in the podcast Lunch with Bruce a few months ago. “But now I’m ready to get back into the game, albeit with the restrictions due to the pandemic it’s not that easy to intercept someone“. And to the reply of the conductor who reminded her that there are dating appJen had replied sharply: “No, they are not for me, I’m an old-fashioned girl, me“.

And then – in this shortage of non-virtual relationships – who better than one ex who never really got out of your life and with whom you are in affectionate relationships to start living love again? In the end he is a known, trusted, and man which will hardly reserve unpleasant surprises. Someone – malicious – would call it “safe used”, someone else – skeptical – “Heated soup”but if he were simply alone another form of love?

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