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Three pillars on which to build “a new fiscal pact”: tax reduction, fiscal truce and fight against tax evasion. In her speech for confidence in the Chamber, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni listed the points on which her government intends to immediately get its hands to improve the situation of the tax levy in Italy.

The reduction of the tax burden

The first point concerns the reduction of the tax burden on businesses and households that we would like to implement through “a reform in the name of equity”, said Meloni: reform of the personal income tax with progressive introduction of the family quotient (a fiscal policy instrument that keeps account of the number of the family unit in income taxation) and extension of the flat tax for VAT numbers from the current 65 thousand euros to 100 thousand euros of turnover. And, alongside this, the introduction of the flat tax on the increase in income compared to the maximum reached in the previous three years: “A virtuous measure, for Meloni, with limited impact for the state coffers and which can be a strong incentive for growth” said the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in her speech to the Chamber.

The fiscal respite

The second pillar, on the other hand, concerns “a fiscal truce to allow citizens and businesses (in particular SMEs) in difficulty to regularize their position with the tax authorities”. The third, finally, “a tight fight against tax evasion (starting from total tax evaders, large companies and large VAT fraud) accompanied – concluded the premier – by a change in the criteria for evaluating the results of the Revenue Agency , which we want to anchor to the amounts actually collected and not to simple disputes, as incredibly happened so far ».

The crux of the pension reform

In addition, Meloni also spoke of cutting the wedge of at least 5 points in favor of companies and workers and called the citizen’s income a defeat for those who can work. It is therefore expected that the new government will heavily redress the rules for access to the subsidy. Finally, as regards pensions, the premier said that “adequate safeguards must also be recognized for those who retire after a life of work or would like to go there”. The objective would, therefore, be to facilitate flexibility in leaving with mechanisms compatible with the stability of the social security system (because every great electoral promise must ultimately deal with resources), “starting, in the short time available for the next budget law, from the renewal of the measures expiring at the end of the year ». According to Meloni, “the priority for the future will be a pension system that also guarantees the younger generations and those who receive the allowance only on the basis of the contributory system”.

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