Flaunting Seduction, Chiquis Rivera Presents a New Collection

Presuming exaggerated curves the beautiful singer of Regional Mexicano, Chiquis Rivera shows her business side showing a rain of colors

The beautiful singer of regional Mexican music has unleashed her creativity by sharing with everyone a launch of her makeup and cosmetics line that was very colorful because with her charm and her unparalleled beauty she dazzled everyone.

The new collection of colored shadows made everyone turn to see it. With a lot of styles, Chiquis Rivera created a stir showing off her seduction by looking stunning in various daring outfits that reveal more of her beauty.

It should be noted that Lupillo Rivera’s niece is unstoppable, at every moment she shows how entrepreneurial she is. This line of cosmetics, makeup, and skincare is sweeping social networks.

The famous woman has made an impact with online sales, which has placed her among the best internet entrepreneurs, always looking for a way to excel and grow her fortune.    


Without a doubt, what always captures Chiquis Rivera is the curvy beauty that she exposes in each of her publications. This time it was no exception and delighted the pupils by making this presentation that is causing a stir.

The light colors that her eyeshadow palette has on Bee Day has mesmerized girls who like her want to look impressive. Cosmetics sales will surely rise to the maximum since it is one of the most loved and supported in the world of social networks.

With her beauty as a letter of introduction, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter shows that not only does she have the income that comes from her talent in regional music, but she also seeks a way to start her own business, which has been one of the most eye-catching, causing great impact among Internet users.

It is important to mention that the famous woman is in charge of directly promoting each of her new releases and now she was no exception, as she boasts her beauty in various colors that dazzle her style and that curvy figure that makes anyone fall in love.

The 35-year-old influencer unleashes the inspiration of her loyal fans, who did not miss the opportunity to flatter the performer of the hit ‘Anímate y verás’, for her talent, but even more for her daring.   

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