Flavia Alessandra poses in lingerie and shows her the tattoo on the shoulder check it out


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In an essay for the magazine, j. p., Flavia Alessandra poses in lingerie and shows her the tattoo. Check out today’s (march 27), the tattoo on his shoulder, and the other eight tattoos, in the show. After all, it is true that having a tattoo nowadays is an icon and it draws the attention even of the most famous. It is to honor someone, or as a form of styling, the tattoos are a popular as much as they used to in the olden days.

First of all, Flávia Alessandra Martins da Costa is a brazilian actress, has a 45-year-old is married to the actor, He the Coast, since 2006.

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In addition to that, nowadays, the actress is currently acting in the soap opera “every man for himself”, with the character of Helen.

Flavia Alessandra shows his tattoo in an essay, lingerie, and topless for your magazine, JP

Recently, Flavia Alessandra shows, in an essay for the magazine, the JP, the tattoo on his shoulder that he did with his oldest daughter, Giulia. In this way, please check out the following image:

Flavia Alessandra poses for a magazine, JP
Flavia Alessandra shows her body for the magazine’s CONDITIONS and do the test in lingeria and lots of hope. (Picture: Instagram / @flaviaalessandra)
the tattoo on his shoulder
Katy displays a tattoo that he did with his daughter, Giulia. The tattoo on the shoulder is a ladybug. (Picture: Instagram / @flaviaalessandra)

In the end, Katy and her daughter, Giulia, have a lot of fun in the studio and did the tattoo together, check out this picture:

Flavia Alessandra and her daughter Giulia
Katy and their daughter Giulia is a fun time to do a ladybug on his shoulder. (Image: a Reproduction of the Event.

All in all, the actress has ten tattoos, check it out

In summary, in addition to the tattoo of a ladybug, which he called the attention to the photo in the magazine (JP), the character has over nine tattoos, which he did at once.

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Anyway, check it out below for the eight other tattoos of actress Flávia Alessandra:

the tattoo on his wrist
According to Flávia Alessandra, the star has made to his youngest daughter in the united states. (Picture: Instagram / @flaviaalessandra)
tattoo flavia alessandra
A tattoo of a crown made with her husband, He. (Picture: Instagram / @flaviaalessandra)
tattoo flavia alessandra
In the same way as the other two, and the cross is an honor. For the blessing of his two children, Flavia Alessandra tatuou a cross in his hand.(Picture: Instagram / @flaviaalessandra)
the tattoo on the nape of the neck
According to Katy, their hearts are in the back of his neck, symbolising the union of the family. (Image: a Reproduction of the Internet.)
the tattoo number is
The number 7 in roman numerals it represents her lucky number. (Image: a Reproduction of the Internet.)
tattoo, mother,
According to Katy, the word “mother,” which was written by his daughter, Giulia, to the Image Playback on the Internet.)
tattoos Katy - a tribute to the mother
The shell on the foot, it is a tribute to the mother who is connected to the sea.(Image: a Reproduction of the Internet.)
tattoos, Flavia Alessandra
Flavia Alessandra made it to the anchor on the foot, in honor of his father, who was a sailor. (Image: a Reproduction of the Internet.)
tattoos, the moon
In the end, he revealed that tatuou to the moon on your finger, it has to do with the phases of the moon. (Image: a Reproduction of the Internet.)

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