Flay buys a fight with a fan when asked about Neymar and Leo Santana: “Ridiculous”

Flay buys a fight with a fan when asked about meeting ex-boyfriends Neymar and Leo Santana; Look

It seems that the ex-BBB and singer Flay didn’t like being asked about her ex-affairs, the ace Neymar Jr.and the singer Leo Santana. That’s because she found the question invasive since it’s about two committed celebrities.

On her Instagram, the BBB20 participant was talking to fans when she received a question about the old romances. “Did you miss Neymar and Leo Santana? (laughs)”, wanted to know a follower.

Not at all satisfied Flay scolded the admirer and was upset with the placement. “To say the least ridiculous, biased and disrespectful this little question knowing that these are two committed men. No idea at all.”

The Sub Celebrities profile shared the post on social media, causing many followers to disapprove even of the former BBB’s behavior. “It was just not answering”, wrote one. “Why did you answer then?”said another. “Posted because I wanted a cookie”failed one more.


Recently, Flay left fans euphoric by appearing with an unusual and powerful look on the influencer’s trendy birthday Rafa Uccman. For the party, she chose an all-pink superhero look.

The muse appeared with a second skin, balaclava, a structured silver top and a very low-cut body. The combination left fans euphoric, as it highlighted the muse’s lip-shaped body. As if that wasn’t enough, she posed showing off all her beauty making faces and mouths.


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