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At the end of the night of this Monday (27), Former BBB Flay had to use her social media to deny false information released by a celebrity profile on Instagram. The page in question disclosed that the singer had gotten into a nasty fight with Bianca Biancardi, sister of Bruna Biancardi, who is the girlfriend of player Neymar Jr.

According to the gossip profile on Instagram, Flay and Bianca dated the same boy: Fernando Pessiquelli, who would have been the pivot of the public disagreement between the two. The model would have ended the relationship with Neymar’s sister-in-law, to stay with the ex-BBB20, after a period, the boy returned with Bianca and ended his affair with Flayslane.

Also according to information released by the celebrity profile, during Neymar Jr’s June party, which took place this Sunday (27), in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro, Flay and Bianca met and the confusion began after the former BBB say something that displeased Bruna Biancardi’s sister. In the comments on the “Factos e Ruatos” profile, which disclosed the information, Flay tore up the verb and denied any disagreement with the girl:

huh? Fucking lie*, look at my face of someone who fights for male people! Check the conversations before posting so you don’t release fake news and lose credibility. The least of your work is to get the facts,” the former BBB wrote in the comments of the celebrity Instagram page post. On his Twitter profile, Flay again denied the information:

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“A tip from the bottom of my heart for the gossip pages, find out the facts before posting things so you don’t release fake news made up by the c * and get no credibility, the least of your job is to find the facts to post the real stop, mico post fake news”, started saying the ex-BBB20. And continued:

“My face of someone who fights for a male! Please, people? save yourselves and spare me this mico, male I share with my friends, I take and indicate the good ones, what a horrible fake news, it’s an offense, so much male in the world… I’m going to the party to kiss, drink and dance, no fight, please! ”explained Flay.

The singer ended the matter by declaring that she did not even remember that she had had a relationship with Fernando Pessiquelli and that she does not know who Bianca Biancardi was: “I didn’t even remember that I dated that I swear, I only remembered when I saw the picture…he wrote.

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