CYCLOCROSS | 08/01/2023 | 2.15pm

by Danilo Vigano

Ideal day for the Cyclocross in the city of Flero (Bs) Trophy with rain and mud to make the race even more spectacular. Promoted by Team Piton, the event also awarded first-year rookies from Lombardy, which the Valtellinese graduated after the competitions Matthew LaCapria in the men’s field, e Beatrice Maifre in the female one. Also up for grabs are the Brescian provincial titles, the prerogative of Samuel Facchetti And Sofia Cristini both from Monticelli Bike.

In the sign of the promising young Luca Paletti the elite and under 23 race in which the Bardiani CSF Green Project rider got the better of the Selle Italia Guerciotti duo formed by Loconsolo and Leone. Christian Fantini from Reggio, on the other hand, secured victory among the juniors by beating D’Alessandro and Bosio, the latter winner in Seregno on Epiphany day. The daughter of art Lucia Bramati caught the first affirmation among the elite, anticipating Zanga and Katia Moro. Patrik Pezzo Rosola, another son of the art, also smiles with the first year students: the son of two-time Olympian Paola and of the former professional from Brescia Paolo Rosola, triumphs on his mother’s birthday in which he surpasses Arnoldi and the Brianza Villa . Francesco Baruzzi of the Piton Minuter T&T Italia Team flies by in the second year’s race, giving great satisfaction to his sponsors. The same thing goes for Nicole Azzetti who instead rejoices with the students in front of her teammate Elisa Bianchi.

Finally applause for the second year rookies Giovanni Bosio, from Guerciotti Development, and Sara Peruta from Valcar Travel & Service.

. 1. Luca Paletti (Bardiani CSF Green Project); 2. Ettore Loconsolo (Selle Italia Guerciotti); 3. Samuele Leone (Selle Italia Guerciotti). JUNIORS. 1. Christian Fantini (KTM Alchemist Powered); 2. Nicolò D’Alessandro (STM Sports Association); 3. Tommaso Bosio (Guerciotti Development). ELITE WOMEN U23. 1. Lucia Bramati (Trinx Factory Racing); 2. Marta Zanga (Beltrami TSA Tre Colli); 3. Katia Moro (Dotta Bike Racing Team). JUNIOR WOMEN. 1. Greta Pighi (In Favor of Cycling); 2. Tanya Donati (Jam’s Bike Team Buja); 3. Giada Martinoli (Alè Cycling Team). 1st YEAR STUDENTS. 1. Patrik Pezzo Rosola (Zanolini Sud Tirol); 2. Mattia Arnoldi (SC Romanese); 3. Matteo Villa (SC Triangolo Lariano). 2nd YEAR STUDENTS. 1. Francesco Baruzzi (Piton Minuter T&T Italy); 2. Daniele Longoni (GS Cycles Fiorin); 3. Marco Maria Moro (SC Romanese). STUDENTS. 1. Nicole Azzetti (Piton Minuter T&T Italy); 2. Elisa Bianchi (Piton Minuter T&T Italy); 3. Alice Pascucci (Trinx Factory Team). BEGINNERS 2nd YEAR. 1. Giovanni Bosio (Guerciotti Development); 2. Andrea Colombo (GS Cycles Fiorin); 3. Lorenzo Milani (GS Cycles Fiorin). BEGINNERS WOMEN 2nd YEAR. 1. Sara Peruta (Valcar Travel & Service); 2. Elisa Zipoli (Team Serio); 3. Emma Grimaldelli (Team Serio). BEGINNERS 1ST YEAR (Lombard Championship). 1. Matteo La Capria (Team Rebel Bike Paredi); 2. Matteo Jacopo Gualtieri (UC Costamasnaga); 3. Riccardo Longo (Team Serio). BEGINNERS WOMEN 1st YEAR (Lombard Championship). 1. Beatrice Maifrè (Melavì Tirano Bike); 2. Eva Ghilotti (Team Rebel Bike Paredi); 3. Beatrice Trabucchi (Casalese Armofer pedal).

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