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Flexible, partial or active retirement. All of these are the retirement options available to self-employed workers if they wish to combine their activity with retirement.

The so-called active retirement of self-employed workers is a combination between work and retirement, they indicate from the Santa Lucía Institute. The self-employed will be able to carry out paid part-time work, so that the receipt of the pension will be compatible with the income received at the work level.

In order to access flexible retirement, the self-employed must have been granted a retirement pension, that is, they must already be enjoying it. In addition, you must inform Social Security that you have started a part-time job while you continue to collect your pension.

In this case, the professional cannot belong to the Armed Forces or to the Special Regimes for State Civil Servants or be service personnel of the Administration of Justice.

types of retirement

The self-employed must also carry out the work at a partial level, this means that they will have a reduction limit of the working day that will be between 25% and 50%. They can only receive 100% of the pension when they have hired a worker.

When the Social Security approves the request to combine retirement with the performance of a work activity, the self-employed person must know that the pension will be reduced in proportion to the working day to be carried out.

Professionals can also opt for contributory, non-contributory or early retirement. The contributory age is equal to the ordinary retirement age at the time of the request. Currently, the retirement age is 66 years and two months and you must have contributed for 37 years and 6 months or more.

In the case of non-contributory retirement, it can be received by professionals who are experiencing a precarious situation because their business did not work or because they have a diagnosed disability that does not allow them to receive a minimum income. In order to request it, you must be over retirement age and your income must not exceed 5,639 euros per year.

Finally, the self-employed can opt for a flexible or early retirement, that is, they can request early retirement, but they must take into account that their pension is reduced depending on the time they have contributed.

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