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from Fabrizio Caccia and Alfio Sciacca

The accusations for the missed alert. There was no warning because, for the regional civil protection, it was a weather phenomenon impossible to predict in its intensity. The first counts damages: there are those who speak of at least two billion euros

From our correspondents

BARBARA (ANCONA) After the backpack and the shreds of sweatshirt, now the shoes are recovered. Only traces, for the rest the research of little Mattia, even yesterday, did not give any result. Just as it is impossible to identify the body of the other missing person, Brunella Chi. The discovery of the shoes does not provide any useful information for tracing the 8-year-old child. They were already in the availability of the rescuers, they say from the Prefecture and above all in the mother’s car, therefore about 8 kilometers upstream from the area where the searches are concentrated. For the father, another blow to the heart, because despite the passing of the days he continues to hope that Mattia is alive. Research continues unabated.

The carcass of a white car was also found yesterday, perhaps of the BMW of Brunella Chi, 56 years old. But the further down you go along the course of the Nevola, the more the stacks of branches and trunks that clog the riverbed increase. From above, the satellites give back the snapshot of how the flood has changed the characteristics of the Adriatic coast. The mud has colored the sea brown: a long strip of sediments, from the Romagna to the Apulian coast. The flood has upset the hydrography – adds Ludovico Caverni, mayor of Serra Sant’Abbondio -, loops and waterfalls of rivers are no longer where they were before. On the ground, on the other hand, mud is still being shoveled.

To prevent it from hardening, becoming more difficult to remove, firefighters use fire hydrants. And after almost a week, fatigue begins to set in. After the enthusiasm of the first days, the number of volunteers arriving from other cities was drastically reduced. The Caritas of Senigallia counted over 200 at the weekend, about 50 on Monday. A very first count of the damages is also attempted. There are those who speak of at least two billion. It will not be a billion and perhaps it will not even be 10, says Governor Francesco Acquaroli. Hinting that until traders and local authorities have freed shops and houses from the mud, they can only throw numbers at random. Meanwhile, the investigation is proceeding to ascertain any responsibility in the lack of alarm. Susanna Balducci, head of the operations room of the Marche Region Civil Protection, revealed that the operator present that evening called the municipalities on the phone after 10pm (even if the storm had started several hours earlier) and the phone calls were not directed to the mayors .

And then to whom? Furthermore, the operator was alone – he added – because on the basis of the weather report issued and the color code (yellow alert, ed), the procedures shared with prefects and mayors, did not provide for the doubling of the room and, above all, that the operational centers were activated on the territory deputies to intervene promptly. Caverni, in Serra Sant’Abbondio, in fact, took the initiative alone and opened the municipal center without waiting for the Civil Protection. Not only. The Carabinieri of Ancona and colleagues of the Forestry have acquired the weather data on the rains expected for the day of the disaster and all the phone calls that evening to the single center of the Region. But the warning did not exist because, for the regional civil protection, it was a weather phenomenon impossible to predict in its intensity.

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