Florence Pugh news, Don’t Worry Darling star becomes singer

Florence Pugh revealed that he wanted to launch into the world of music by releasing his first album as a singer.

The star of Black widow And Don’t worry darling (film on set which Pugh appears to have sparked with Harry Styles and the director Olivia Wildealbeit in diametrically opposed ways) claimed to have written several songs for an upcoming film and to have “lost faith” in his possible career in music due to the short time he had devoted to singing.

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A passion for music that Florence has cultivated for years by publishing on Youtube the covers of some famous songs under the pseudonym of Flossie Rose, this at least until she achieved success becoming famous for her interpretation in the film Lady Macbeth.

“I would have invested some money to become a songwriter before I became an actress,” she said This cultural life Florence Pughtoday more than ever ready to dedicate 100% to musicas indeed it is already doing.

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In fact, during the interview Florence Pugh (star of movie how Midsommar – The village of the damned And Little Women) revealed that he had written some songs for a new film project called A good personwhose director is her ex-boyfriend Zach Braffto which it was linked from 2019 to 2022.

“First I’ll release some songs and then I’ll make other music too,” said Florence. “It’s something I’ve been aware of since my acting career took off. I miss him. I have lost faith in singing since I have never been able to dedicate myself to it but if I don’t do it my lack of confidence will get worse. I just have to try “, continued Florence Pugh who perhaps, thanks to her proximity to such a talented artist as she is Harry Styles, he felt the need to make his debut in the world of music.

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