Florida Joker Makes Further Unreasonable Demands on GTA VI Trailer

The real Florida Joker has released another statement asking Rockstar to provide cash for the GTA VI trailer.

Lawrence Sullivan first rose to fame in 2017 when photos of him sporting a tattooed face, clown scars and green hair went viral.

Rockstar took inspiration from him and included a fictional character who resembles him in the trailer released on December 5th.

Florida Joker Still Angry Over GTA VI Trailer

Sullivan immediately threatened Sue Rockstar unless they gave him $3 million, which he later increased to $5 million and now to $10 in his latest video.

He also threatened to expose hacker Arion Kurtaj – who was hospitalized by a court for leaking footage of GTA VI – and set a January 14 deadline for remittances.

GTA, GTA, we gotta talk. This is a reminder of the final warning. I was constantly harassed wherever I went. I can’t eat… I can’t even eat a damn pizza while “Can I take a picture of Mr. GTA Joker?” No, you can’t take a picture, I’m eating.

I’ve been giving you guys free publicity, free publicity, for a whole month, and I want my money. My birthday is January 11th. If you don’t contact me three days after my birthday, I want ten million dollars. Ten million dollars for my pain and character defamation, stop playing with me.

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“When has Grand Theft Auto been in the news? Never, and you’re not going to put me in Grand Theft Auto, you’re not going to put me in a psych ward,” he continued.

“Keep playing with me, keep playing with me. I’m going to get that kid out of the psych ward now and show you the real clown. I’m going to get that kid out of the psych ward and get my lights on and we’re going to invade you again system, keep playing.”

Another Florida man is also asking for payment for the same reason, although his case is less convincing than the Joker’s because he claims the character based on him is more generic than the Florida Joker.

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