Flu vaccinations are to be free for every adult

The Ministry of Health is changing the regulation on vaccination reimbursement – reports the RMF journalist. All because flu preparations are simply in stock.

According to information from Mariusz Piekarski from RMF, out of 3 million people entitled to reimbursed flu vaccination, only 250,000 benefited. people.

So the warehouses are full of vaccines. Therefore, the Ministry of Health was to decide that all adult Poles would be able to use them.

Influenza cases occur throughout the year, however, as GIS emphasizes, in Poland an increased number of them can be observed from September to April, and the accumulation of infections occurs between January and March.

Initially, this season, free flu vaccines were to be available to seniors, seniors over 75 years of age, and pregnant women. 50 percent The reimbursement was to be granted to people aged 65-74 and people aged 18-64 suffering from comorbidities (e.g. asthma or cancer).

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