Focus home – National Congress of Occupational Medicine: Arpal’s contribution

Arpal participated in the 84th edition of the National Congress of the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine which took place in Genoa.

An important appointment, back in attendance after two years of pandemic, difficult years for everyone and also, obviously, for occupational doctors and competent doctors, who have dedicated many resources to the problems related to the management of Covid-19.

On the inaugural day, the General Manager of Arpal Carlo Emanuele Pepe brought the greetings from the Agency; Pepe recalled the main activities of Arpal, checks, monitoring, analyzes, carried out, always in the period of the pandemic, constantly in synergy with the occupational doctors. Particularly important, then, is the relationship that has been established regarding the research in urban waste for traces of Covid-19: a team work that allows to obtain predictive results, even of 14 days, with respect to the spread of the virus.

Stefano Maggiolo, Director of the Productive Activities and Technological Risk Department, on the other hand, underlined the importance of the relationship, in particular with the ASL, as regards the protection of safety and the environment in the workplace with particular reference to construction sites for major works in progress.

The contribution of Domenico Avenoso, former Head of the General Management Staff of Arpal, was also important at the Congress, who presented the activities carried out by the network of safety representatives of Snpa, the National System for the Protection of the Environment. This work has made it possible to draw up numerous guidelines supporting the drafting of the Risk Assessment Document that can also be used outside Snpa.

In this sense, an example is the algorithm for the assessment of chemical risk in laboratories, also adopted by Unichim in its manual for assessing this type of risk.

An important moment of confrontation, therefore, which will have repercussions in the future: in fact, the competent Arpal doctors will use the updates acquired for health surveillance and consultancy activities to protect the Agency’s working population.

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