Fogged windows are an easy-to-solve problem. See how

Who among us has never encountered the problem of steaming windows? It is the bane of many Polish drivers, because this is our climate. Of course, this is not the only reason for this. Often we are to blame for the steaming windows. Meanwhile, it is enough to pay attention to a few issues to significantly minimize or completely eliminate this problem.

Homemade ways to defrost windows. Water one of the worst?

Of course, no one in their right mind will use boiling water to defrost windows, but lukewarm & hairsp; – & hairsp; why not? However, there are other, more effective methods….

Cleanliness first and foremost

The car cabin is a place where we spend a lot of time. For many people, it is almost a second home. And just like at home, it is worth taking care of cleanliness for your own comfort and safety. Dirt, dust and rubbish left in the vehicle absorb moisture, which we bring inside, especially in the autumn and winter period, on wet clothes or shoes. The more moisture there is in the cabin, the more likely the windows are fogged up.

In addition to vacuuming, it is also worth cleaning the windows regularly. A plain liquid and a paper towel are enough. In many cases, the cleaning itself will bring surprising results in the form of minimizing the problem of steam in the car.

Use air conditioning

It must be remembered that air conditioning not only lowers the temperature, but also dehumidifies the air. Therefore, it is worth using it not only in summer, but also at lower temperatures. Setting the airflow to maximum power with air-conditioning support is the fastest way to defog the windows. Of course, provided that the air conditioning in your car also works at low temperatures, which is not always the rule, and the cabin filter does not need to be replaced.

If you know that no one has looked there for a long time, check its condition or let a mechanic do it. This element, which costs no more than a few dozen zlotys, has a key impact on the air quality in the interior and the problem of steaming windows.

Try home remedies

The interior is cleaned, the filter has been replaced, and the steam is still there? Then it is worth reaching for additional measures, which are proven home remedies. There is no great philosophy here. It is enough, for example paper newspapers tucked under the rugs. Trivial, but it can work wonders. However, it is worth remembering about regular replacement of such “absorbers”, because when completely wet, they will have the opposite effect than expected.

They are great way too bags with rice or cat litter left inside the vehicle. These are materials that perfectly absorb moisture from the cabin. They even seem like a better option than newspapers because they are not that visible and need to be replaced less frequently.

Following the above recommendations is likely to allow you to deal with the problem of fogging windows for good. It happens, however, that the cause is a technical fault, e.g. damaged air flaps or leaking vehicle interior. Unfortunately, without eliminating them, you cannot expect spectacular results.

However, we should make every effort to get rid of this annoying phenomenon, which not only worsens the comfort, but also the safety of driving. Good visibility & hairsp; – & hairsp; especially in autumn / winter & hairsp; – & hairsp; is essential.

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