Foliage lipsticks, the lips of the stars are colored in autumn

Hailey Bieber lipsticks foliage 1200

Hailey Bieber kicks off the new season with a bourdeaux lipstick (Instagram @haileybieber)

Ready to review your beauty case? An inevitable transition at every change of season: because the colors of the make-up, you know, always have a source of inspiration. And that of the seasons is one of the main ones. After all, her lipstick every season is one of the most followed rules by fashion addicts. Just like she did Hailey Bieber. The beauty icon greeted the month of October with an Instagram post in which they are the protagonists: his lips. Wrapped by un intense burnt brown color, which is a clear reference to the autumn season just started. And she is not the only one. Zendaya appeared at the Paris fashion shows with brown lips with orange undertones. Foliage lipsticks that are a clear reference to the fall of leaves, the symbol of autumn.

Hailey Bieber and her fall lips

“First October”. Two words and next to an emoticon that recalls the autumn leaves. The model’s caption couldn’t be more meaningful. Because this is precisely the purpose of her latest Instagram post: to remind us that a new season has begun. With a lot of beauty consequences to which she has already adapted. Ditching her well-known frosted lip make-up, Hailey shows off a warm and very intense brown lipstick. A strong and dark shade, typically autumnal. This color, in fact, recalls that of the leaves of a newly fallen maple. A matte lipstick with a soft texture that seems to cover the mouth with velvet. Not surprisingly, a typically autumnal fabric.

Zendaya between earth and light

And if Hailey Bieber has opted for bourdeax, Zendaya amazes with her brick lips. At Paris Fashion Week, during the Valentino fashion show, the star showed off a lip make-up that is a hymn to the colors of the earth. A brown nuance with shades of orange and a few touches of golden sheen. Created by the make-up artist Sheika Daley, this make-up has all the magic of autumn foliage in it.

The color between brown and orange, in fact, is a clear reference to the typical color of autumn leaves. The lipstick used is Lancôme’s Absolu Rouge in 299 French Cashmere. A touch of Lancôme Juicy Tubes Hallucination has been added to the center of the lips. A touch of gloss to give a golden sheen. And the reference is always to the autumn season. The shine, in fact, recalls the rays of the sun that shine through the branches of trees now without leaves. But also the brilliance of the frost between the leaves on the ground.

Foliage lipsticks, perfect for autumn

From brown to all shades of orange, from burgundy to brick. But also red. There are many autumn shades that will color the lips. Intense and decidedly matte lipsticks, with warm and enveloping colors that recall the colors of nature at this time of year. Violet will not be missing, a color that, although not belonging to the foliage palette, recalls grapes, a typical autumn fruit.

But how to choose? The rule is always the same: respect the harmony with the complexion and skin color. If the complexion is very fair, as in the case of Hailey Bieber, you can opt for a darker color. In this case, however, it is good to lighten your eye make-up: it will help you to highlight your mouth even more. For an olive and darker skin, however, as in the case of Zendaya, choose a lighter shade, preferably with a touch of gloss. It will help to give more light to the face. In addition, you can play more with eye make-up, daring with darker colors and more decisive features.

The inevitable red among the foliage lipsticks

Chiara Ferragni lipstick foliage IPA_IPA33426986

Chiara Ferragni at Milan Fashion Week with red lipstick (Ipa)

What autumn would it be without red lipstick? There is no season in which the evergreen of lipsticks does not appear among the make-up to show off. After all, the autumn leaves have the typical red color that cannot be ignored among beauty lovers. But be careful which one to choose. Chiara Ferragni can guide us towards the right tone. The perfect one for this season is a velvety purple red. To make it stand out, the digital entrepreneur used a slightly darker lip liner. The line is light and delicate but that is enough to create the contrast with the lipstick. And the call is always autumnal: doesn’t it remind you of the vein of the red leaves ready to fall?

Discover the ideas from the catwalks for autumn make-up in the gallery.


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