Follow the union’s live poll to find out if the São Paulo metro will go on strike this Tuesday (15)


It is a fact or event of journalistic interest. It may be new or recent information. It also concerns the novelty of already known situations.


Mostly dogmatic writing. It expresses the views of the author, but does not necessarily represent the opinion of the newspaper. It may be written by journalists and experts in various fields.

under investigation

Reports that bring up unknown facts and episodes and contain strong condemnation. Requires specific skills and resources.

content commerce

Editorial content that provides the reader with a shopping environment.


Interpreting news by considering information beyond the facts being told. Leverage data to provide development, scenario predictions, and even historical context.


An analytical text that translates the vehicle’s official position in relation to the facts covered.


This is an institutional article covering a subject of interest to the company sponsoring the report.

fact check

Content that verifies the veracity and reliability of any information or facts disclosed.


Articles that provide subsidies, historical data and relevant information to help you understand the facts and news.


Breathtaking reports detailing various aspects and developments of a particular subject. In addition to data, statistics, and historical context, we also provide stories of characters who are either influenced by or directly related to the topics covered.


A given subject is approached and presented in a question-and-answer format. Another way to publish an interview is to reproduce the interviewee’s response in quotes through the topic.


Texts that provide in-depth analysis and opinion on products, services and works of art in various fields such as literature, music, film and visual arts.

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