Follow-up: What is the theme of the Istanbul movie? Follow-up: Who are the actors of the Istanbul film?

Follow: Istanbul Oliver Megaton is sitting in the director’s chair of the film. The screenplay is written by Luc Besson. So, what is the theme of the movie follow-up: Istanbul? Follow-up: Who are the actors of the Istanbul film?

Tracking: What is the theme of the Istanbul movie?

In the previous film, retired CIA agent Brian Mills, played by Liam Neeson, is the son of an Albanian mafia boss, the gang member who kidnapped his daughter and was also killed by Mills. At his funeral in Tropoje, Albanian mafia boss and terrorist Murad Hoja (Rade Serbedzija) vows to avenge his son and his friends.

He goes to Paris with his men. He interrogates and tortures Jean-Claude Pitrel, a former intelligence agent who was present at Marco’s death but has no knowledge of it. He then bribes a corrupt police officer for Pitrel’s files and reveals that Pitrel’s old friend Brian Mills was responsible for the death of his son Marco, and that he was on holidays in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, Brian Mills has just finished three days of security work for a wealthy Arab sheikh in Istanbul and is surprised when his ex-wife Lenore and daughter Kim make a surprise visit to Istanbul. Learning that Mills is in Istanbul, mafia boss Murad Hoxha follows him with his men. Mills, whose wife has been kidnapped, tries to get out of the way with the help of his daughter.

Follow: Who are the actors of Istanbul movie?

Liam Neeson. Brian Mills

Maggie Grace. Kim Mills

Famke Jansen. Lenore “Lenny” Mills-St. John

Rade Sarabedzija. murad hoja

Leland Orser. Sam Gilroy

John Gries. mark casey

DB Sweeney. Bernie Harris

Luke Grimes. jamie conrad

Olivier Rabourdin. Jean-Claude Pitrel

Kevork Malikian. Inspector Durmaz

Lunelle Kim’s Driving Instructor

Ilke Akdagali. Albanian intelligence officer

Follow: What is the IMDb Score of Istanbul Movie?

Follow-up: Istanbul Movie’s IMDb Score Out of 10 6.2 as was determined.

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