Following GTA 6 – GTA Trilogy players research changes to a billboard

November 23, 2021, 15:43

Some people playing GTA 3: The Definitive Edition believe that the creators threw GTA 6 on one of the billboards. If they are right, the premiere of the six may be closer than we think.


  • fans saw a possible hidden message on one of the billboards in GTA 3: Definitive Edition;
  • some of them believe that this is an indication of an imminent announcement GTA 6;
  • others for ?? claim to be in a remaster San Andreas there is the first screen of ?? six ??.

Yesterday we informed you that in GTA: The Trilogy ?? The Definitive Edition remnants of VR mode were found, and today? we decided to take a look two circumstantial evidence allegedly relating to GTA 6which, according to some community members, have been remastered Threes, Vice City and San Andreas. Just take the amendment that it may be unfounded speculation by fans who cannot wait for the premiere of “six”, and approach them with a great distance.

New-old billboard

A billboard spotted in Liberty City (GTA 3) incl. by Reddit user saucojulian. It seemingly resembles the original graphicwhich turned out to be a teasing easter egg GTA: Vice City ?? Initially planned as an addition to the “three”, and finally released separately (see screenshots below; see a short movie presenting both versions of the billboard here). On it the inscription ?? See you in Miami ?? (?? See you in Miami ?? ?? this city was modeled on Vice City) two decades ago it left players consternation ?? the name Vice City was already present in the universe GTA from the first part of the cycle. The fans quickly realized that Rockstar was winking at them.

On the Trail of GTA 6 - GTA Trilogy Players Investigate Billboard Changes - Illustration # 1

Billboard in GTA 3: Definitive Edition. ?? Source:

On the Trail of GTA 6 - GTA Trilogy Players Investigate Billboard Changes - Illustration # 2

Billboard in the original GTA 3. Source:

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As you can see in the attached picture, in a new version GTA 3 the billboard returns with a slightly different message. The inscription ?? See you in Miami ?? has been replaced by ?? See you soon ?? (??See you soon??). This seems at least puzzling; since there is no need to tease anything, it was enough to replace Miami with Vice City. Well, unless it’s the other way around and we’re dealing with another easter egg ?? this time concerning GTA 6which is also supposed to take us to virtual Florida. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the billboard in the new version of the game shows the FlyUS plane, which appears only in the so-called HD universe GTA (from foursome upwards).

Accident at work? It could be. The community, however, began to spin theories. As Redditowicz with the pseudonym kazoomaster462 noted, the beach presented in the graphic resembles Vespucci Beach, located near the Malibu club in Vice City. Other Internet users, for example eljalu, suggest that on the billboard we see a screen from GTA V, and the easter egg is to tease the next-gen version of “Friday”, which was to be released in November, but was postponed to next March. Can this term be described as ?? soon ??? I think so.

This picture doesn’t fit here ??

The second alleged discovery, however, concerns exclusively GTA 6 (if anything). In one of the refreshed rooms San Andreas the community noticed a photo of a nice white house hanging on the wall, which is clearly of better quality than all the others (see screenshots below). Where can it come from? Visible volumetric clouds are present in only one Rockstar production ?? Red Dead Redemption 2. In the Wild West at the end of the 19th century, however, there were neither such buildings, nor garages. Answer ?? it comes to mind ?? we could see the first screen of GTA 6.

On the Trail of GTA 6 - GTA Trilogy Players Investigate Billboard Changes - Illustration # 3

House photo found in GTA: San Andreas remaster. ?? Source:

On the Trail of GTA 6 - GTA Trilogy Players Investigate Billboard Changes - Illustration # 4

Enlarged screen found in the GTA: San Andreas remaster. ?? Source:

And yes ?? it is sewn with very thick threads. Which doesn’t mean it’s unlikely. Especially since the fans found a real Florida equivalent of this house. If so who? not fancy, Rockstar can play cat and mouse with the players again.

Following GTA 6 - GTA Trilogy Players Investigate Billboard Changes - Illustration # 5

Home counterpart from the screenshot found in Florida. ?? Source:

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