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From Paris to Los Angeles, passing through London and New York, raw food convinces VIPs and starred chefs. No more fire trials, you choose the natural to receive energy and beauty. All true?

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Georgia May Jagger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore … are some of the raw food lovers: they guarantee to have a peach complexion, a screaming line, a harmonic figure for uncooked food on the table. The raw food principle? The more food that is eaten raw, unrefined, unprocessed the better you are. Give up submitting them to the fire test it means preserving their vitamins, minerals, enzymes and not seeing their nutritional potential fly away in the smoke of a pot. In the state of nature, they would also be more easily assimilated, better digested and, consequently, release healthy energy. In short, for raw foodists, it is essentially about eating vegetarian: fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, flowers, do not abuse animal products, avoid dairy products. If there is a cooking phase, it must never exceed 50 ° C. In this case, it is a simple dehydration. The promise of this fire-free diet is health and beauty – no wonder, then, that after growing up under the California sun, this detox food system is on all red carpets around the world.

But is it really that healthy, effective and detoxifying? Although suggestive of a more natural and healthy way to eat, to date, there is no scientific confirmation that a diet based on the consumption of raw foods is in any way healthier. “It is true that cooking alters some nutritional properties of food, but in truth it does so only in a marginal way – he explains Flavia Bernini, biologist, nutritionist -. Among the vitamins, the one that is most sacrificed by cooking is the C, which, however, we can recover by eating the right portion of every day fruit. Even in the case of the mineral salts lost during the cooking of vegetables, we will hardly find ourselves in a state of deficiency if we adopt a varied diet. Rather, we can use the foresight to reuse the cooking water vegetables to prepare soups or other dishes. “Raw food lovers often accuse cooking of deactivating the precious enzymes contained in food. This statement, in reality, carries with it a fundamental error:”enzymes present in both raw and cooked foods, they are however deactivated by the gastric juices of our stomach and, in any case, have nothing to do with those that participate in the metabolic processes of our organism “.

Contraindications? There are actually: the risks of a diet based essentially on raw foods are many. “In addition to enhancing the flavors, cooking serves to make food edible and digestible, eliminate viruses and bacteria, avoid food poisoning, especially when it comes to raw foods such as meat, fish and eggs – specifies the expert-. From an evolutionary point of view, our digestive system has now adapted to consuming a diet based on cooked foods and indeed, would find itself in difficulty with strict raw food diets. The suggestion is to adopt a diet as varied as possible, which favors the products of plant origin, alternating their consumption, both cooked and raw, so as to really obtain benefits in terms of health and well-being “.

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