Food recall, it may have metal inside – you need to return it

The Ministry of Health has issued a recall on a food product due to the presence of metal in it. Here’s what it is.

Food recall –

When we go to the supermarket, as it goes without saying, we buy the food products we need to prepare our dishes and sometimes we find ourselves buying new and never tried before.

Some of these surprise us and we continue their consumption even after trying it, making it one of our favorites and adding it often and willingly to our list of foods to buy.

Ministry of Health: here is the new food call

Often, however, we find ourselves faced with some unpleasant surprises, such as the presence of insects inside packs of pasta, or spelled, and in this case we must always contact the manufacturer.

There have been cases, in which the company, apologizing to the consumer, has sent them some packs of free pasta, hoping that this episode will not happen again and making sure that with this gift, they do not lose the customer.

Other times, however, the consumer does not notice the presence of dangerous substances inside the products, as these are elements that are not visible and that cause damage only after having been ingested.

In these cases, to raise the alarm on these food products and to withdraw them from the market is the Ministry of Health who publishes a recall food, so that everyone can read it.

Also supermarkets who have put up for sale the product and the specific lots to be withdrawn from the market, post notices in their points of sale inviting the customer to return the item and then receive a refund.

With a note from the October 13the Ministry of Health has published the call for the Fried almonds with sugar, salt and honey of the brand Sol & Mar put on the market in points of sale Lidl.

The barcode of the product in question is 4056489256144 and the lots that are involved are the following:

– Lotto, TMC: 1114186, 05/04/2023
– Lotto, TMC: 1114407, 02/05/2023
– Lotto, TMC: 1114543, 19/05/2023

The withdrawal of this product is due to the possible contamination by metallic foreign bodies which could cause some serious problems if ingested.

What causes metal ingestion

Although some metals are essential for human nutrition such as rame, iron, zinc and magnesium others of these are non-essential and are considered toxic in those who should not be present in our body.

Some of these are the lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury which unlike the others do not collaborate in the activity of human cells causing damage to them if present inside them.

Many of these metals I am inorganic and to be disposed of they must necessarily pass by the kidneys causing a potential nephrotoxicity or others likealuminum, chromium or nickel they could affect the respiratory system in the most extreme cases and in general.

Certain species of metals can cause a allergic reactionas in the case of the nickel, or the breakdown of red blood cells or mast cell degranulation or contact dermatitis.

Food recall: here is the new notice from the Ministry of Health
Metals –

The symptoms that cause these metals are varied and depend on the nature of them, but more commonly episodes of diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and severe headache.

These can be associated with a feeling of metallic flavor in the mouth and may appear on the gums of blue and black shades which indicate that we have dealt with gods metals.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the website often Ministry of Health where the various are published recalls of various food products or objects that come into contact with food.

If not consumed, these products must be returned, even without a receipt, to the point of sale where they were purchased and the consumer will be immediately reimbursed for the cost of the product.

Food recall: here is the new notice from the Ministry of Health
Recall Food –

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