Food recall, product to be returned immediately: the announcement

In the last few hours, the site has published an announcement relating to a food recall: invites all people who have purchased this product to return it to the store due to the presence of suspicious substances inside and not declared on the label

food recall

The last few hours have been quite turbulent. THE supermarketslately, they are grappling with several allegations regarding the presence of harmful substances within products that are also particularly popular with customers. The official website of the Ministry of Health proceeded to launch the last one alarm that invites buyers of a particular product a return it immediately at the point of sale. The reason for this recall is precisely linked to the presence of “too many” substances.

On the site was published on recall document containing all the specifications regarding this last alarm. There are details of the product such as brand, sales name, production lot, identification mark of the factory and the manufacturer, the name and location of the same. Finally, the reason of the recall and the instructions for customers who bought it in the last few days.

Food recall: the government website raises the alarm in the last few hours

food recall

The actual alarm went off on 27 July 2022. It concerns the brand Hulala Whipping 1000 ml, with sales name Hulala Whipping 1000 ml IT / CZ / FR / SLO / SRB / HR / AL / HU. Going into the details, the production lot is the number L22073B of the IT 15 13 CE factory. The manufacturing company, with name IFFCO ITALIA SRLis based in the Contrada Casale, Industrial Zone 81026 of Marcianise (THERE IS).

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On the product packaging it is indicated as the expiration date March 14, 2023. As specified in the document, the reason of the recall of the one-liter pack of sweetened cream is linked to the presence of traces of peanut not declared on the label. The instructions for consumers who have purchased the product are clear: it must be returned immediately to the point of sale where it was purchased. There are no references regarding the refund procedure: the supermarket will probably replace it or reimburse it with a shopping voucher.

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The Ministry of Health then extended the alarm also to those who bought other brands of vegetable cream for whipping: Holé, Biocrem and Magik, also produced by IFFICO ITALIA SRL. The recall was spread with great speed, as the presence of the allergen not declared on the label puts the health of allergic customers at risk.

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