foods and more that will increase more in November

Lately we speak almost only of the bills because they actually grew by 60% in October.

But actually inflation is at 9% and this means that there are many things that increase in price.


Unfortunately for the families moving forward is becoming more and more difficult precisely because there are a very long series of products that are increasing in price.

Tremendous increases in food and more

Food, for example, for Italians is really a drain and there are many families who now only shop at discount stores and often they can’t even do it there.


But there are some goods and services that have risen in a frightening way in the recent period. First of all, electricity has been increased. Electricity in the free market increased by more than 100%. On the other hand, in the protected market the increase was 57%. But airline tickets have also increased a lot and according to consumer protection associations in one year, airline tickets have practically doubled. Obviously it is also the gas that has increased a lot.

Lots of things increase in price

But a tremendous sting also comes on food. Oil will apparently continue to rise in Italian supermarkets after having already been the protagonist of tremendous increases. But it is also the bread which according to experts will come to really cost a lot. The increases in the supermarket will be really strong but there will also be really strong increases on telephone and Internet subscriptions. In fact, the communications authority since 2023 will make phone companies pay higher prices to use the traditional copper network and this will result in truly marked increases in terms of telephone subscriptions and also internet connections.

The worst blows for families

So in the coming months it will not be only the bills to increase but also food and services will increase more and more. So inflation comes to sting families in a really hard way but it will also be a whole series of basic services such as those relating to health to suffer unfortunately higher prices. Surely this is a very strong blow for Italian families and rightly the consumer protection associations sound the alarm.

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