Football breaks during hits will last 25 minutes ?! Everything for the show …

During the meeting of the IFAB advisory panels in October, proposals for changes in football were heard. One idea is to extend the halftime break from 15 to 25 minutes and it will be discussed on November 25th.

The organization dealing with the creation of regulations, but also their change, has planned an annual business meeting next Thursday. They will be chaired by FIFA.

During it, ideas about the rules of the game of football will be presented at the end of last month.

The CONMEBOL (South American football confederation) has proposed that the half-time break be extended by 10 minutes. Immediately afterwards, several participants of the virtual event drew attention to the potential impact of prolonged inactivity on the welfare of the players. Nevertheless, the idea was not rejected. On November 25 it will be widely discussed.

If we accept the change, in the future we could witness Super Bowl-style music shows, when stars like Jennifer Lopez or The Weeknd perform during even half-hour breaks.

When it comes to football, the changes would concern the biggest events, such as the Copa Libertadores final or the FA Cup final.

A similar proposal appeared in 2009. At that time, an attempt was made to push through the idea of ​​extending the break from 15 to 20 minutes.

FIFA was in favor of adopting the change, but under pressure from fans who pointed out the attempt to increase the financial revenue, the initiative was eventually rejected.

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